Cyber-Physical Systems Security: Research Challenges and Opportunities


Professor Siraj Ahmed Shaikh, Coventry University, UK

Talk Summary

The talk will provide an overview of some of the challenges in defending cyber-physical systems, and then run through some key areas of development in this domain. It will then review some technical areas to reflect on from the work done at the Systems Security Group at Coventry, including areas of design, policy and behaviour, alongside engineering.

Biography of Speaker

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Professor Siraj Ahmed Shaikh
Coventry University

Professor Siraj Ahmed Shaikh is Professor of Systems Security at the Institute of Future Transport and Cities (FTC) at Coventry University, UK, where he leads the Systems Security Group. He is also Founder and Chief Scientist at CyberOwl, which is a VC-backed venture addressing cyber risk analytics for the maritime and CNI sectors. Over the past 20 years, his research interests have included threat modelling, cyber-physical systems security testing, and security policy-making. His research has been funded by EPSRC, RAEng, MoD, NCSC and Lloyds Register Foundation.