Switching on the light in the Black Hole of Data Space: Challenges, Opportunities and Achievements


Professor Huseyin Seker, Associate Dean (Research and Enterprise) School of Comping and Digital Technologies Staffordshire University Stoke-on-Trent The United Kingdom

Talk Summary

Data is today’s asset for businesses. In order to gain value out of the data, we need to turn the data into actionable insights, drive meaningful and cost-saving knowledge from it, and develop and deploy profitable data-driven intelligent tools. This can be achieved through advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as image, video, speech and natural language processing. Due to technological advances and developments in line with the 4th industrial revolution, data is becoming more available and goes beyond volume, variety, and velocity alone. In addition, industry is now becoming more data-driven and automated. However, like the black hole in space, there is a dark side of the data that is yet to be discovered for business gain. Therefore, advanced data analytics methods and data-driven business modelling are now more important than ever to address the industry’s complex business challenges. This talk will exemplify the Black Hole of Data Space, explain how we have addressed the challenges in this domain and cover the data-driven economy projects that we work on within our team (http://smartdatacrew.com)

Biography of Speaker

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Professor Huseyin Seker
Staffordshire University

Huseyin Seker, PhD, is an interdisciplinary data scientist with both academic and industry experience in data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and disruptive & emerging technologies/systems. He has published well over 100 peer-reviewed publications and got involved with a portfolio of academic research, enterprise and teaching/learning projects of over £40M as PI, Co-I and international researcher. He is one of the founding members of nationwide Institute of Coding in the UK and lead its activities at Northumbria University until September 2019. He is now with Staffordshire University as Professor and Associate Dean (Research and Enterprise) for the School of Comping and Digital Technologies. Further information about his activities can be found at http://smartdatacrew.com.